Analytical Sciences Institute, 5 rue de la Doua, 69100 Villeurbanne, FRANCE

HMR lab

at the High Field NMR Center in Lyon


About HMR Lab

Our research interests are centered around the development of new hyperpolarization approaches for preparing nuclear spins in highly polarized ‘or aligned’ states, typically yielding > 10’000 fold sensitivity enhancements in magnetic resonance (both NMR and MRI).

To put it simple we magnetize molecules and materials to augment their sensitivity in magnetic resonance.

We are spanning across disciplines, from Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, to Medicine. We conceive new methods and instrumentation, and ultimately provide powerful tools to solve challenges at the forefront of molecular and chemical sciences today.


Meeting with the French President

November 2019

Back from a work meeting at the Elysee

with @EmmanuelMacron and @VidalFrederique on how to improve attractivity and performance of our French research system. Truly honored!

Job Offers

We are seeking for Master, PhD and Post Doc candidates


From Now

Master Internship Position 

Méthodes en RMN ‘hyperpolarisées’ et préparation d’agents de contraste IRM.

We are looking for candidates with background in Physics.

From Now

Master Internship Position funded by TOTAL 

Caractérisation d’additifs de performance dans les matrices pétrolières par Résonance Magnétique Hyperpolarisée.

We are looking for candidates with background in Chemistry.

Starting date flexible - 2019

PhD position

​We are looking for candidates with:

  • interest in experimental physics, instrumentation, and electronics;

  • strong scientific background;

  • independent ideas and motivation, as well as strong communication and interaction skills

Starting date flexible - 2019

PostDoc position

​We are looking for candidates with:

  • interest in NMR and DNP;

  • strong scientific background;

  • independent ideas and motivation, as well as strong communication and interaction skills

HYP20 conference in LYON

Aug 30 - Sept 3 / 2020

We are glad to annonce that the HYP20 conference will be held in Lyon in 2020 (Aug 30 - Sept 3).
A hands-on DNP course on dissolution-DNP and MAS-DNP will take place prior to the meeting at the High Fields NMR Center in Lyon.


Our Team


Sami Jannin

Professor at the Lyon 1 University
Deputy Director of CRMN
Head of HMRLab

Gilles Rautureau

Assistant Professor

Olivier Cala

Staff Scientist

Sylvie Guibert

Staff Scientist

Samuel Cousin

Post Doc

Stuart Elliott

Post Doc

Théo El Daraï

PhD Student

Morgan Ceillier

PhD Student

Quentin Chappuis

PhD Student


Paul-Emmanuel Edeline

Master II Student


Fanny Russel

Master II Student

Selected Publications


Transporting hyperpolarization

January 1st, 2017

Nature Communications


October 14, 2014

Proceeding of the National Academy of Science of the USA


December 7, 2012

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Selected Posters


A. Ferrari

HYP20 Conference

..about a new generation of unstructured HYPSO materials yielding >95% proton polarization...

O. Cala

HYP20 Conference

...about a hyperpolarization ready chemical library for drug screening...

T. El. Darai

HYP20 Conference

...about how porous polarizing polymers can generate transportable hyperpolarization...

Main On-going Grants


Project on Hyperpolarization Transport

ERC Starting Grant - HP4all